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Having a website for your business or area of interest is a “given” in today’s information-rich environment. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say we are all victims of information overload.  So how are you going to make an impact online, without tearing your hair out in the process? Look no further than OUR website!

We can help you by creating your own, Custom-Designed WordPress Website.

  • Custom Pricing – Build your own price.

  • Enhanced Website – Enhance your site to stand out.

  • Different Payment Gateways – Choose from a variety of payment processes.

  • Marketing Analytics – See and understand your customers’ behaviour.

  • And So Much More …

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Graphic Design.

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art or skill of combining text and pictures to express ideas and messages. This is achieved in a variety of printed or on-screen elements, for example

  • Brand identity – such as logos, business cards and letterheads.

  • Items of communication – such as signage, leaflets or mailers.

  • Custom orders – such as e-books and social media banners.

We take requests for graphic design seriously, as this is a process of creating visual communication combined with some kind of problem-solving component and can be rendered in any size or scale.

In today’s technological world, designers are also responsible for creating interactive designs where the content is flexible and integrates with platforms focused on moving users through intricate digital experiences.

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We can help you maintain your website in ‘tip-top’ condition. Do remember, that there’s nothing more irritating when someone gets to a website they’ve been looking for (either specifically you or your product/service) and there are broken links, pages don’t load properly and the information is old.  We think it’s like maintaining or renovating your home, so that you and your visitors enjoy the experience whenever they ‘meet up’ with you.

Maintenance includes things like Backups, Website, Content and Software Updates, plus Reports on Activity on your site

  • Security – We keep your website secure.

  • Back-ups – We keep your website backed up.

  • Updates – Plugin/Theme/Core.

  • Development Support – We help with Development changes.

If you need to add new products/services, or change existing ones or even introduce new functionality, a quick call or email to us and we’ll get it done!

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